If you are a brick & mortar retailer looking for wholesale distribution of “Cannoli Be One” and other Cassadaga Liquids e-liquid products, please reach out to one of our authorized distributors.

If you are looking to distribute or wholesale Cassadaga products in your area, please fill out our Wholesale Application.

Cassadaga Liquids is manufactured by Gripum LLC, an ISO7 certified manufacturing facility in Skokie, Illinois.

New England:
M&D Distribution, Serving All Of New England, Massachusetts Based

Medusa Distribution – Nationwide, New Jersey Based
OPMH Distribution – Nationwide, Kentucky Based
DemandVape – Nationwide, New York Based
Multiline Imports – Nationwide, Colorado Based
Mr. Vape USA – Nationwide, Arizona Based
Smokeless Smoking – Nationwide, Minnesota Based ***
Nolli Distribution – Nationwide, Utah Based

Canada Liquid Labs – Nationwide, Quebec Based
Manufactured by Dvine Laboratories for Canada

**** Authorized Co-Pack Manufacturer